Thursday, January 23, 2014

$15 Burlap Bulletin Board with Nail Head Trim Tutorial

As far as supplies (mine are from Walmart), you'll need:
2' x 3' bulletin board: $10
1 yard of burlap: $3
Push pins: $2
Project total: $15 

Tools: Stapler and a hammer

Lay the burlap out on a table and place the bulletin board face down on the burlap. Staple the burlap behind the board, pulling it taut so it is smooth on the front. I stapled close to the frame on the first round and then went back and folded the burlap under and stapled that again so the back looked fairly decent (although it doesn't matter since no one will see the back).

Next, use your push pins to create a faux nail head trim. The frame of your bulletin board creates a nice guide for placing these. I didn't measure, but tried to place the pins about an inch apart -- no need to be a perfectionist here. You can use a hammer to tap them in securely if you like.

Now, you can leave the board as-is for a clean, timeless look . . .

But I added some flowers, purchased from my sister's Etsy shop -- Star City Wreaths -- to add a little bit of flair. (She can make you some in any color scheme you like -- fabric or felt -- just send her a message.) I used a hot glue gun to attach a few flowers in each corner.

Ignore the random tack in the bottom left. I didn't notice it was there until after 
I was about to hit publish on this post. Oh well!

And I attached a few more fabric flowers to some leftover push pins with the hot glue gun to use on the board to tack up important papers and photos. Too cute!

This is a quick project for your home or office. It would even be adorable in your kitchen to hold grocery lists and recipes to try. Mine lives on my desk at work now and I love it! 
Cheap and easy -- my kind of craft.

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Leslie said...

What a great idea and tutorial! I love the little rosettes you made too. :)