Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on f-f-friday!

{one} I know you've probably seen this floating around Pinterest. I made a jar (with inspirations on the top) so I can check my deposits off every week.

I've decided that I'm saving up for some pretties for myself this year. Some contenders are . . .

I'd never usually spend that kind of money on something for myself, but I'm trying to invest in a few really nice items that will last me years instead of truckloads of cheap things that fall apart after just a couple of wears. My boss told me this is called "maturity" and welcomed me to the club -- love her.

Anyone else doing this saving challenge?

{two} e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator. I got a tube from my sister for Christmas and this stuff is a game changer if your lips get dry and flaky in the winter. I'm telling you -- best $3 you'll ever spend.

{three} Urban Decay Naked3 Palette. I also got this for Christmas and love it! I've been pinning eye shadow tutorials like crazy!

{four} This girl. She's so much fun -- even when she's sick!

{five} Kevin's birthday wish. It's seriously worth the quick read.


Christa at Forever Young said...

My husband gave me the Burberry coat for my birthday this year. I would never spend that much money on myself, but I secretly wanted it because I knew what a good staple item it will be for years to come. I love it!

Just Jinny said...

I bought my sister the ELF lip buffer for Christmas. I think I need to go and pick up some for myself.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I adore that eye shadow palette - love the shimmery colors!